[Marxism] Resistance bombs elementary school with vaccuum bombs, kills 10

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Sun Apr 12 20:58:18 MDT 2015

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Syrian army bombs Aleppo elementary school, 10 killed


The attack comes a day after at least 35 civilians were killed in Aleppo 
People inspect the damage inside a classroom of the Saad Ansari school 
in the northern city of Aleppo on 12 April (AFP)

Sunday 12 April 2015 15:54 BST

At least 10 people including four teachers have been killed and 30 
wounded after the Syrian army dropped a vacuum bomb on an elementary 
school in the northern city of Aleppo, Syrian Civil Defence sources have 

"Ten people including teachers and students were killed when the Syrian 
regime bombed the Said al-Ansari school in the opposition-held Al-Ansari 
district," a member of the Syrian Civil Defence, who declined to be 
named, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday. The opposition Syrian National 
Council confirmed the incident as did the Syrian Observatory for Human 
Rights, a UK-based watchdog.

The observatory's chief Rami Abdel Rahman said that a large number of 
vehicles caught fire following the bombardment, adding that residents in 
opposition-held areas of Aleppo had been warned "against going out" due 
to the ongoing airstrikes by the Syrian government. Many schools in 
Aleppo city have been forced to close, while others hold classes in 

Another child was killed in a separate air strike on a rebel-held 
neighbourhood of east Aleppo, the Britain-based Observatory reported.

Civilians targeted

The strikes come a day after government forces and rebel fighters 
exchanged fire in the northern city, killing at least 35 civilians.

"Seventeen other civilians were killed when rebel groups fired rockets 
on neighbourhoods controlled by the regime, including Suleimaniyah and 
other areas," the Britain-based group said.

Syria's civil conflict, which has entered its fifth year, has left tens 
of thousands of people dead and millions of others displaced both 
internally and externally.

Pictures circulating on social media depicted significant damage.

Fighting erupted in Aleppo in 2012, reducing swathes of Syria's 
commercial hub to ruins.

Government forces control the west of the city and frequently bomb 
rebel-held neighbourhoods in the east from the air.

The rebels often retaliate with rocket and mortar fire into 
government-held neighbourhoods.

Both sides have been criticised by human rights groups for firing 
indiscriminately on civilians
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