[Marxism] Yarmouk: trapped between two counter-revolutions

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 11:18:46 MDT 2015

On the SW contact form page I asked them to reword the first sentence to
something like this:
"The people of Yarmouk are being attacked from two sides, by Assad, and by
IS - the latter two, as has been the case all along, carefully avoiding
attacking each other.
"Meanwhile al-Nusra is siding with IS."

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> Thanks Bashar.
> On 14/04/2015 5:27 AM, Clay Claiborne wrote:
>> Dear John,
>> I do have such a busy schedule shoring up my dictatorship, but I knew i
>> just had to find time to drop you a short note and thank you for this line:
>>     But the responsibility for the growth of Isis lies with the West.
>> True, I ran the rat-line is Syria for these thugs when they were killing
>> Americans in Iraq. True I let them all out of prison and gave them money
>> when the revolution started in 2011. True, I've given them safe haven in
>> Raqqa so they could build their strength. True, I bought their oil. And
>> True, I stood down the siege of Yarmouk to let them in. But I certainly
>> don't want people knowing I did any of these things. So again, I can't
>> thank you enough for this one-line summary of ISIS history:
>>     But the responsibility for the growth of Isis lies with the West.
>> John Kerry called me his "dear friend," I would be proud if you would do
>> the same.
>> Warmly,
>> Bashar
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