[Marxism] Fwd: Cop accused of brutally torturing black suspects costs Chicago $5.5 million - The Washington Post

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 15 07:07:30 MDT 2015

Whenever Chicago Police commander Jon Burge needed a confession, he 
would walk into the interrogation room and set down a little black box, 
his alleged victims would later tell prosecutors. The box had two wires 
and a crank. Burge, they alleged, would attach one wire to the suspect’s 
handcuffed ankles and the other to his manacled hands. Then, they said, 
Burge would place a plastic bag over the suspect’s head. Finally, he 
would crank his little black box and listen to the screams of pain as 
electricity coursed through the suspect’s body.

“When he hit me with the voltage, that’s when I started gritting, 
crying, hollering. … It [felt] like a thousand needles going through my 
body,” Anthony Holmes told prosecutors during a 2006 investigation into 
Burge. “And then after that, it just [felt] like, you know—it [felt] 
like something just burning me from the inside, and, um, I shook, I 
gritted, I hollered, then I passed out.”

Holmes, who eventually gave what he says was a false confession and was 
convicted of murder in 1973, is one of as many as 120 African-American 
men on Chicago’s South Side who were allegedly tortured by Burge between 
1972 and 1991.


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