[Marxism] Fw: Science & Society Special Issue promotion flyer

George Snedeker george.snedeker at verizon.net
Wed Apr 15 13:23:12 MDT 2015

Please see the following:
Dear Friends, 
                  Below please find the link to the Science & Society website that will introduce you to its current special Issue, "Red on Black: Marxist Encounters with Anarchism," with links to sample contents, the S&S website, the Guilford website S&S page, and more. This special issue includes my contribution, "Italian Anarchism:in America: Its Accomplishments, Its Limitations," which I would love to share with you. By using a promo code you can purchase a subscription at a 20 percent discount and receive free, "The Science & Society Reader," which contains my, "Frank Sinatra: The Popular Front and an American Icon," an article that came from my heart and my mind. Disclosure: both "Blue Eyes" and me were born in Hoboken, NJ, and I cherish his renditions of the classics of The Great American Song Book.
                  I urge you to subscribe to Science and Society: A Journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis that has not missed an issue in seventy-five years. Each copy challenges our minds and reminds us in Blake's famous phrase: "We shall not fly from mental fight until we build the New Jerusalem."
                                               Gerald Meyer




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