[Marxism] Will the British Labour Party be Pasokified?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 02:18:40 MDT 2015

Richard Seymour's blog seem to indicate that he believed there was was a
distinct possibility that the British Labour Party wold go the way of
Pasok, the Greek Social Democrats and Francois Hollande's Socialist Party.
I am tempted to say, "If only." The scenario is that the Labour Party wins
and administers austerity and finally, finally it comes crashing down.

Maybe.  None of us has a crystal ball.

My own comments are that the politics of anti-austerity will have to take a
greater hold.  It is significant in this regard that the Scottish
Nationalists and the Greens have both run up the anti-austerity flag.  But
the blows that will separate the working class from Labour will have to be
savage indeed. Only the deepest economic crisis, at least equal to the
Greek one, will produce such a separation.

The same holds for Australia. Here the problem is that the Greens in
Australia are not anti-austerity. They do not have a Keynesian wing nor any
kind of thinking on an alternative economy.  They have stubbornly stayed a
single issue party apart from occasional gestures.

Things can change quickly of course. Still, at the moment the instinctive
rejection in the public opinion polls of the austerity platform of the
current conservative coalition has not coalesced into the kind of
anti-austerity political movement that Syriza and Podemos represent.

For all that, we are glimpsing, I believe, the way forward.  the formula
would appear to be a mass rejection of austerity which gives rise to a new
political formation.



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