[Marxism] Miners vs Ecologists/Syriza in northern Greece

Tim O'Diomasaigh klubi_kitobi at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 16 20:51:57 MDT 2015

I imagine these miner protests are based on genuine grievances; however, it's a tried and true imperialist tactic to provide covert support to these movements against despised leftist governments (and it's great anti-PR since, it makes the leftist government look anti-worker, out-of-touch, traitorous, etc.).  

'Civil war' divides families in row over Greek goldmine


Thousands of Greek miners protest feared job losses


Although, if there is a foreign entity behind this, it may in fact be the Canucks, since one of their gold mining corps is the major investor: 

The Skouries gold mine operated by Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold Corp. (ELD.TO) in northern Greece was the flagship project of the last government's foreign investment drive and considered a test case that would reveal whether Greece could protect foreign investors despite local opposition.

"We are absolutely against it and we will examine our next moves on it," Lafazanis, a 63-year-old former Communist, told Reuters at his new ministerial office. He declined to say if the government would try to block the project from going ahead.

Shares of Eldorado Gold tumbled to a six-year low on Friday and were trading down 18.5 percent on Friday on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company owns 95 percent of the Greek venture.

“We have our permits, so we’re legally entitled to continue our operations and development projects there. So for us, it’s business as usual at this point,” said Krista Muhr, vice president of Eldorado's investor relations, in response to the report.

“I don’t think we would continue investing money into Greece if we weren’t confident,” she added.

The firm said last week that it would spend about $200 million this year to develop Skouries mine, and expected to complete construction in late 2016.

The project is among the biggest foreign investments in Greece since the country sank into a debt crisis in 2010, with Eldorado taking over the mine in 2012 and promising to invest $1 billion over five years. 


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