[Marxism] Call Issued by the Haitian Coordinating Committee for the Withdrawal of UN-MINUSTAH Troops from Haiti

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*Call Issued by the Haitian Coordinating Committee for the Withdrawal of
UN-MINUSTAH Troops from Haiti*

*June 1, 2004 - June 1, 2015: 11 Years of Occupation, MINUSTAH Must Go!*

The coup-kidnapping of February 29, 2004 against constitutionally and
democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide paved the way for
the occupation of the first Black Republic in the world. On June 1, 2004 --
that is, three months after the coup -- thousands of UN troops landed in
Haiti under the banner of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti
(MINUSTAH). Since then, the occupation has been installed in flagrant
violation of the UN Charter, the 1987 Haitian Constitution, and the Vienna
Convention on diplomatic and consular relations.

The occupation troops arrived, it was stated, to stabilize the country and
solve some problems. But 11 years later, the “stabilization” forces have
resolved nothing; quite the contrary, they have violated the right to
self-determination and human rights of the Haitian people and introduced
the deadly cholera epidemic. That is why we say: 11 years of occupation,
and five years of cholera is enough, MINUSTAH must go! The United Nations
must recognize that they have committed a serious mistake, in fact, an
irreparable mistake, in Haiti. The very morality of the UN has been put
into question.

Resolution 1542 adopted by the UN Security Council, referring to Chapter
VII of its Charter to justify its intervention force in Haiti -- when there
was no threat to peace and international and regional security -- is

After 35 years of dictatorship, Haiti was rising up and moving forward on
the road to democracy. Factors that could genuinely represent a threat to
international peace and security are of an economic and social character:
poverty, unemployment, misery, environmental degradation, illiteracy. The
United Nations intervened not to help solve these problems but to
strengthen the domination of the imperialist powers, the exploitation of
the labor force, and the looting of Haiti’s mineral resources. In other
words, the United Nations has served the cause of the great imperialist
powers such as the United States, France, and Canada -- to the detriment of
Haiti, deemed the most impoverished country in the world.

To carry this out, the United Nations -- the most powerful global
organization -- not only violated its own charter, but the Constitution of
Haiti along with its Conventions and Laws. The legal basis of MINUSTAH’s
presence in Haiti is none other than the Agreement of July 9, 2004. This
agreement, which has an international character, was not signed by the
president of Haiti, as required by the Constitution, but by the de-facto
prime minister at the time, Gerard Latortue, who stated later that he did
not even know what he had signed.

So Latortue signed this Agreement under pressure from his bosses in the
International Community, in clear violation of the Constitution. Article
139 of the Constitution is clear on this. "He [the President of the
Republic of Haiti] negotiates and signs all international treaties,
conventions and agreements and submits them for ratification by the
National Assembly." This Agreement, dated July 9, 2004, was never ratified
by the Haitian National Assembly. Eleven years later, the MINUSTAH
occupation troops continue to trample upon national sovereignty and kill
Haitians with cholera.

The Constitution does not recognize the existence of any foreign force in
Haitian territory, as stipulated in Article 263-1: "No other armed corps
may exist on Haitian soil." And Article 276 continues: "The National
Assembly may not ratify any treaty, convention or international agreement
containing clauses contrary to this Constitution.”

At the level of international law, referring to the Vienna Conventions of
1969 and 1986, in the event that a Treaty is signed by a party having no *jus
tractum* -- that is, no power to conclude Treaties, Agreements or
Conventiona --  as was the case with Gerard Latortue on July 9, 2004, said
Treaty is null and absolutely void and must be considered invalid.

Both in its form and its content, the MINUSTAH presence in Haiti is
illegal; it has been imposed by force on the land of Dessalines:

* The Haitian people, in their great majority, have called for the
immediate and unconditional departure of MINUSTAH;

* The Haitian Senate voted on May 28, 2013, a resolution demanding the
departure of the MINUSTAH troops.

*On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the U.S. occupation of Haiti
(1915-2015), the Haitian Coordinating Committee for the Withdrawal of
UN-MINUSTAH Troops from Haiti intends to organize a series of events to say
NO to the occupatio*

 1) Sit-ins in front of the U.S. Embassy, each 28th day of the month up
till July 28, 2015.

2) Conferences, forums, and photo exhibits on the effects of the MINUSTAH
occupation, to be held on June 1, 2015 -- the 11th anniversary of the
landing of the MINUSTAH force in Haiti.

3) Demonstrations in the streets.

The campaign waged by the Haitian Coordinating Committee for the Withdrawal
of UN-MINUSTAH Troops from Haiti needs the active solidarity of all
organizations involved in the fight for the liberation of all the oppressed
peoples of the world. The struggle to end the occupation of Haiti is
everyone's struggle.

 So, dear friends, dear comrades, we ask for your militant support
militant, under whatever form you deem best to provide it.

 MINUSTAH Out Now! Down with the Occupation! Long Live FREE HAITI!

 - - - - -

*First signatories:*

*Mouvement de liberté, d’Egalité des Haïtiens pour la Fraternité (MOLEGHAF*):

*Mouvman etidyan pou chanjman*(*MECHAN*): ALOUIDOR Wilberde

*Journal Haïti liberté*: YVES Pierre Louis

*Mouvman Etidyan pou libere* *Ayiti*(*MELA*): SAMEDY Simeon

*Grenadye 07*: LUCIEN Gymps

*Kolektif  Kont Okipasyon*: Pascal Dieujuste

*Gouvernail de LIAISON DES Organisations de Base et des*

*Syndicats (GLOBS)*  RAYMOND Davius

*Mouvman pou Devlopman  Nasyonal (MODENA)*

*Parti révolutionnaire pour l’organisation et le progrès (PROP)*: SIMEON

*Central des Travailleurs des Syndicats du prive et des entreprises
publiques (CTSP)*: JEAN Bonald G. Fatal

*Kodinasyon Desalin (KOD)*: JOSEPH Claudy

*Groupe D’initiative des enseignants en Lutte (GIEL) *

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