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>> https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/04/antarsya-syriza-communist-party-greece-euro/

> A useful article but isn't it about time the left should stop using 
> the
stupid jargon "rupture"? It is so pretentious.

MK: Perhaps. But it is translation, and the question of "ensomatosi i 
rixi" - "incorporation (into the bourgeois state) or rupture" - has been 
put forward as the key dividing line within the Greek left for some 
decades now - there was even a book published in the 1990s with exactly 
that name - so it sounds more natural and less pretentious in Greek

> "The reason lies exactly on the question of strategy. The main 
> dividing
line today in Greek society does not concern simply the question of
austerity. It has more to do with whether there is going to be a rupture
with the main narrative of the Greek bourgeoisie for the past five
decades, namely the attachment to the “European Integration” process."
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