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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 17 09:25:34 MDT 2015

I get up when the National Anthem plays because it’s not worth the 
hassle of being seen as unpatriotic among the many who stand.  What 
shocks, however, is how the game of baseball has been conjoined with the 
national secular religion of unquestioning patriotism. Sport is now 
conflated with an aggressive and militaristic nationalism, as could be 
seen in the sky above Fenway as two F-16 fighter jets made a scheduled 
flyby over the baseball stadium. Having grown up as a diehard Red Sox 
fan from a family of likeminded Red Sox fans, I never remember any such 
display happening during my childhood attendance at the park.

The single recognition of patriotism at ballgames during opening 
ceremonies has now morphed in unison with the many wars the U.S. fights. 
The seventh-inning stretch is now peppered with additional songs such as 
“God Bless America,” sung on this opening day by a talented 12-year-old 

At some point during the game a military officer in attendance at the 
game was recognized for his service in both Afghanistan and Iraq. When 
the National Anthem was sung, the playing field was filled with soldiers 
flanking the honor guard that carried the flag.


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