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On 17/04/2015 05:10 μμ, Michael Karadjis via Marxism wrote:

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>>> https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/04/antarsya-syriza-communist-party-greece-euro/
>> A useful article but isn't it about time the left should stop using the
> stupid jargon "rupture"? It is so pretentious.
> MK: Perhaps. But it is translation, and the question of "ensomatosi i
> rixi" - "incorporation (into the bourgeois state) or rupture" - has been
> put forward as the key dividing line within the Greek left for some
> decades now - there was even a book published in the 1990s with exactly
> that name - so it sounds more natural and less pretentious in Greek
>> "The reason lies exactly on the question of strategy. The main dividing
> line today in Greek society does not concern simply the question of
> austerity. It has more to do with whether there is going to be a rupture
> with the main narrative of the Greek bourgeoisie for the past five
> decades, namely the attachment to the “European Integration” process."

Indeed, "rupture" isn't that pretentious in Greek. And it sounds even 
less pretentious on the leaps of an Althusserian like Sotiris, familiar 
with Marx's alleged "rupture épistémologique".

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