[Marxism] Fwd: Jacobin interview with Antarsya leader

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Fri Apr 17 16:50:55 MDT 2015

Andrew Pollack wrote

Subject: Jacobin interview with Antarsya leader



Several things struck me as I read this discussion, not comprehensive or 
in any particular order but maybe central in many respects. First, the 
tendency to speak of the student movement and its twists and turns in 
terms that did not relate it to the lives of actual working, struggling 
people in the midst of a deep depression - their hopes and their fears 
in light of their experiences and assessment of the situation, the 
alternatives and the prospects as they see them, and how that relates to 
the feasibility of any specific program, to the left of Syriza 
especially; second, the lack of detail or responsive analysis when asked 
to identify the strains of Althusserianism that he saw in parts of the 
student movement and their perceived significance - in effect, he shined 
it on and it wasn't pursued (although possibly in view of avoidance to 
use time most productively); third, the absence of any engagement with 
the real problems, in detail, in working within a hostile capitalist 
structure to effect socialist transition, effectively foiling the 
bankers' rigid ploys in a way that at the same time engages the 
strengths of the Greek working class constituency - this discussion is 
absent here, and it has to underlie elucidation of any viable program of 
transition, every step of the way, or it's all about organizational 
leftish muck; and fourth, absence of a detailed critique in whatever 
thumbnail form of the tactical strengths and weaknesses and the 
resulting prospects for Syriza, and how Antarsya would better it.

I have another question that has not been adequately dealt with to my 
mind: the significance for the prospects for a radical outcome of the 
presence of a somewhat uniquely large small business component in the 
Greek economy.

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