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By *Marta Harnecker*, translated by *María Poblete* and *Federico Fuentes*

April 17, 2015 -- *Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal* --
This text incorporates much of booklet #2 from the original series *Cuadernos
de Educación Popular* (Booklets for Popular Education), which was titled
“What is socialism?” and was written by *Marta Harnecker* in collaboration
with *Gabriela Uribe*. This series was published in Chile during the
Popular Unity government, lef by Salvador Allende, and was reprinted in
various countries and languages. The text has been revised, some errors
have been corrected, and supplementary examples and text boxes have been
added, in order to make it easier to comprehend some of the complex ideas
it tackles.

In this *Booklet for Popular Education* we hope to study the fundamental
mechanism that explains why, under capitalism, you have a small group of
people who possess a lot of wealth and enjoy an easy life, while a
significant portion of workers find themselves in a very difficult
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