[Marxism] HATUEY'S ASHES: Lies, damn lies, and bullshit about Cuba's betrayal of political refugees

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 01:57:24 MDT 2015

Lies, damn lies, and bullshit about Cuba's betrayal of political refugees

The story was a shocker: "Cubans to open talks about US fugitives 
including Assata Shakur as ties warm", said the headline in the 
Guardian. Giving it credence was the source and dateline of the article: 
Associated Press, Havana.

Assata Shakur (the cops call her JoAnne Chesimard) is a Black liberation 
fighter who has lived in Cuba with political asylum for more than 30 
years. Her expulsion from Cuba to the United States, where there is a $2 
million bounty on her head, would be seen by Black activists and 
revolutionaries everywhere as a betrayal. It would also be a violation 
of long-standing legal principles in Latin America that political crimes 
are not subject to extradition, as well as the principle of 
non-refoulement (returning refugees to the country where they are 
persecuted), the cornerstone of international asylum treaties, which the 
Cuban revolution has always adhered to.

But other news outlets seemed to confirm the report: "Cuba open to 
discussing extradition of U.S. fugitives, including cop killer 
Chesimard," brayed the headline on Fox News Latino over a graphic 
screaming "Most Wanted Terrorists" in red, white and blue. However, all 
had the very same Havana-datelined text that U.S. News and World Report 
helpfully told us was written by the AP's Michael Weissenstein and 
Matthew Lee.

All of them with the same exact story? Yes, all.

Could it really be true that the AP had a world wide exclusive? Where 
were the New York Times and Washington Post's own reports? What had 
happened to wire services like the French AFP, the Spanish EFE, the 
British Reuters and even Cuba's own Prensa Latina?

Actually, it really was a world-wide AP exclusive. And for a very good 
reason. No one else had the story because it was bullshit. The AP made 
it up.


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