[Marxism] What's at stake in the Golden Dawn trial?

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What's at stake in the Golden Dawn trial?
by Thanasis Kourkoulas
originally in Workers Left,  paper of DEA [in Left Platform in Syriza]
Socialist Worker, US, April 21

The trial of Greece's Nazi Golden Dawn party began in Athens on April
20, but was adjourned for at least two weeks because the specially
built courtroom inside Korydallos prison was too small. A total of 69
fascists, including 18 members of the previous parliament representing
Golden Dawn, are defendants in a case charging them with running a
criminal organization responsible for violent attacks on immigrants,
LGBT people and left-wing activists. Most of the members of
parliament, including founder Nikos Michaloliakos, refused to show up
for the trial. The court is reportedly considering alternative venues
for the trial.

Meanwhile, thousands of anti-fascist protesters mobilized for
demonstrations outside the prison, confronting a much smaller number
of Golden Dawn supporters. However, the Nazis reportedly managed to
physically attack five witnesses outside the prison, injuring one
seriously enough to require hospitalization.

Writing ahead of the April 20 trial date, Thanasis Kourkoulas explains
what's at stake in this trial for Greece and for the radical left, in
an article published in Workers' Left, the newspaper of the Greek
socialist group Internationalist Workers Left:
. . .
"Because the trial is not about some of the crimes committed by its
thugs, but the entire criminal apparatus of Golden Dawn, including its
leadership, the case will take on a critical political character in
Greece and internationally. The outcome of the case, along with the
general social and political climate tied to the course of the Tsipras
government, will determine to a great extent whether the Greek
neo-Nazis will suffer a serious blow in their ability to recruit young
people into their ranks and to pose as a respectable party within the
political establishment.

"In the end, Greek fascism--which draws its strength from its
penetration of the state apparatus and the help it receives from
sections of the capital--will either be weakened by the outcome of
this trial, or the stage will be set for its murderous activities to
. . .
"The protests at the start of the trial on April 20 were called by
trade unions (ADEDY, EINAP, the metalworkers' union, etc.);
antifascist movements (Anti-Fascist Coordination Athens-Piraeus,
antiracist organizations, etc.), local councils and community
organizations (representing Nikaias-Renti, Korydallos,
Keratsini-Drapetsona, etc.) and political organizations (including
youth and local chapters of SYRIZA, the Greek Communist Party and

"This is a good start. Going forward, there should be a continuous
presence of anti-fascists in court, along with local and central
events in cities and neighborhoods that speak out against any
preferential treatment for the fascists. The movement should demand
that the trial be transferred to a central area of Athens to ensure an
open and public process as soon as possible, without accepting any

"Initiatives such as the observers who will analyze and publish the
daily record of what takes place inside the courtroom are critically
important to make sure updates from the trial are widely accessible,
and information is not monopolized by the major media to interpret
through its own prejudices."
. . .

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