[Marxism] European officials may be pushing regime change in Greece

Dayne Goodwin daynegoodwin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 10:14:49 MDT 2015

"The core problem of the negotiations is that the new Syriza Party
government in Greece views the world very differently from the
governments in the rest of Europe. “Syriza” is a Greek acronym for
“The Party of the Radical Left” and those last two words should be
taken very seriously. Long-term members of Syriza, such as most of the
members of Parliament, are suspicious of, or even actively hostile to,
capitalism and the European system of economic governance. They do not
see why Greece should follow a path of “reforms” that read to them
like a right-wing wish list. Further, they have no previous governing
experience and had no reasonable expectation of ever being in charge
even 18 months ago. They have never gone through the internal fights
that are necessary to move from a party of ideology to one of actual
governance. As a result, their campaign promises were unrealistic and
they do not have an internal consensus to back away from some of

Why Greece’s economy will get worse before it gets better
by Douglas J. Elliott
Fortune magazine, April 22

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