[Marxism] Weekly Worker

James Creegan turbulo at aol.com
Thu Apr 23 14:00:29 MDT 2015

Now not only Lars Lih, but also the CPGB's chairman, Jack Conrad, has 
entered the lists against me (and Trotsky).
Conrad's real name is John Chamberlain (a matter of public record; I'm 
not betraying anyone's identity), and I've heard it said, though I 
haven't confirmed, that he is the grandson of the same-surnamed Neville. 
An unlikely lineage, you may think, but only slightly more so than that 
of the Redgraves. People went through some heavy changes in the 60s. 
Lars Lih will be speaking on a panel at the Historical Materialism 
Conference at NYU on Saturday. His topic will be "Was There a Moderate 
Bolshevism in 1917"--of direct relevance to our debate. I plan to attend.


Jim Creegan

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