[Marxism] Did Obama murder of US jihadist Adam Gadahn help ISIS?

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 00:39:33 MDT 2015


Just yesterday, Obama announced that the CIA had killed the American 
citizen al Qaeda operative Adam Gadahn in a drone strike in Pakistan on 
19 January 2015.

Well, today I was researching English language sources on the rise of 
the Islamic State and I found this piece, dated 13 October 2013, which 
seems very good on the rise of ISIS, and relations between it and AQ & 


In which I found this interesting nugget:

    Beyond public pronouncements, AQC and ISI do not seem to have ever
    enjoyed happy relations. The Abbottabad documents
    <http://www.jihadica.com/abbottabad-documents/>in fact indicate that
    AQC never approved of the Islamic State's establishment and that a
    leadership-to-leadership relationship hardly ever existed. This is
    at least according to American al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn, who
    in 2011 recommended
    that al-Qaeda publicly "sever its ties with the Islamic State of
    Iraq." Gadahn feared that ISI's engagement in sectarian violence had
    tarnished al-Qaeda's reputation.

    While AQC leaders did not follow his advice, ties between al-Qaeda
    and the Islamic State were indeed to become practically severed—on
    the initiative, however, of the Islamic State.

The main problem now is ISIS, not AQC, and dis-unity between the two is 
a good thing, so if Adam Gadahn was a part of AQC leadership that 
opposed ISIS, then maybe taking him out right now wasn't the smartest move.

Just saying.....

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