[Marxism] Syrian Rebel Group in Decline vows normalization withIsrael

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it is a complete farce.

This is part of an ongoing disinformation campaign by Times of israel 
and the Jerusalem Post. They seem to have a Druze contact who is in 
touch with a couple of individual Syrian exiles, who either don't exist 
at all (there is zero evidence on the web for this Nabhan character), or 
who do exist, but have no relation whatsoever to any Syrian opposition 
movement (still less the FSA), yet JP introduces them as "Syrian 
opposition leaders", notably someone called "Labwani".

Last time it was the Jerusalem Post. The false flag story appears to be 
in the same style; again there is the "Druze" intermediary. The Post 
story is more honest, because it merely calls this unknown Nabhan 
character "one opposition political activist" rather than lying that he 
has some position in the FSA. It does not mention Labwani, but contains 
a prominent photo of him, where the caption falsely calls him a "Syrian 
opposition leader" though he has no position at all in any Syrian 
opposition leadership body. All lies. 

When Labwani put forward his Golan plan last year (for the US to turn 
the Golan into an “international peace park” because Assad has “never 
lifted a finger” on the Golan so it is effectively lost anyway), it was 
rejected by the Syrian opposition and most oppositionists, as 
ironically, the Times of Israel at that time reported:

“Labwani’s unusual statement were not well-received in Syria’s 
opposition, however. According to the Jordanian daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm, 
dozens of Syrian oppositionists signed a petition against Labwani, 
including Salameh Kaileh, Walid Al-Bunni and Fady Jomar.

“Freedom achieved through the enemies is not freedom,” read the 
petition, according to the daily.

“Arab nationalist pundit Abdel Bari Atwan also weighed into the debate, 
attacking Labwani for granting Assad “the biggest gift possible on the 
[third] anniversary of the revolution.”

“[Labwani] exposed a plan revolving around selling the occupied Syrian 
Golan Heights to Israel in return for peace with it. He served a 
powerful blow Arab and Islamic hopes of regaining the stolen rights in 


More interesting is the purpose of this sick disinformation campaign, 
which can only be negative for the FSA inside Syria, give more 
ammunition to groups like Nusra to falsely accuse the FSA (like lots of 
western "leftists" do) of being "imperialist and zionist agents" and use 
this in their turf wars against the FSA.

Oh and the FSA losing ground? Mainly since the onset of US airstrikes in 
September, which benefited the Assad regime while giving a huge 
political boost to Nusra. The first half of 2014 was if anything a 
period of re-rise of the FSA. But the relative loss of ground since 
September should also not be exaggerated: the FSA controls the south and 
has scored impressive recent victories (the historic city of Busra 
al-Sham and then the Jordanian border), and despite setbacks to Nusra in 
Idlib and Aleppo in the northwest, still playys a prominent part there, 
including in recent major victories such as the seizure of Idlib.

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It is from a setter publication so I do not necessarily vouch for its

Nonetheless I think it is a remarkable sign of how much ground the FSA 
lost in Syria that it believes pledges its allegiance to the Zionist 
outweighs its legitimacy in the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians in Syria and others who have overwhelmingly opposed any 
of normalization with the regime that expelled them and continues 
them (referring to Israel in this case, not Assad)

- Amith
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