[Marxism] Victoria Lomasko: The BORN Trial

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 14:03:34 MDT 2015

'Moscow Regional Court Judge Alexander Kozlov presided over the trial.
Overall, he was exceptionally tactful and pointedly polite.

'“I understand nationalism and all that, but why did you have to kill?” he
asked at one point.

'Only one thing was forbidden in Kozlov’s courtroom: mentioning that the
criminal case had obvious political overtones, that the ultra-rightists had
been communicating with people from the presidential administration through
a series of intermediaries, and that BORN itself was a project that could
not have been conceived without their involvement. Kozlov ruthlessly barred
all attempts to discuss this.'

Victoria Lomasko's graphic reportage of the recently concluded BORN trial,
englished by The Russian Reader.


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