[Marxism] The women workers' strike at Ford Dagenham 1968 and equal pay

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 16:49:49 MDT 2015

In 1968 women working in the trim section at Fords' massive car plant at
Dagenham, on the eastern outskirts of London went on strike for equal pay.

The same year women bus conductors in London fought for the right to drive

And in Hull women from the fishing community battled for better safety on
fishing vessels.

These three battles played a crucial role in inspiring the emergence of the
women's liberation movement in Britain.  The fact that they were working
class women's struggles also probably helps explain why socialist-feminism
was the strongest current in feminism in Britain.

Over forty years later, the Ford struggle was turned into a movie.
Unfortunately, not by Ken Loach but by people who specialise in 'feelgood'
films like 'Calendar Girls'.  However, still not a bad film.

Class, gender, the 1960s and Made in Dagenham:


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