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April 26, 2015, Issue 217


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1.   Quotes of The Month: Ho Chi Minh (May 1890-Sept. 1969)

2.   Photo of The Month: Female Battalion Defends Damascus

3.   The U.S. 40 Years After Vietnam's Victory: 

      Learning Nothing, Forgetting Nothing

4.   Low Wage Workers Fight Back

5.   $18.50 an Hour Minimum Wage is just

6.   Police Are Rarely Convicted for Killing

7.  Jeb Bush Praises Obama’s NSA Expansion

8.   U.S. Carbon Emissions are Rising Again

9.   Where are U.S.-Russian Dynamics Headed?

10. China Banks on Shaping a New Asian Order

11. Protest Target: European Central Bank

12. Armenian Genocide and Geopolitics

13. U.S. Losing Afghanistan's New 'Great Game'

14. Latin America Backs Venezuela at Summit

15. Raul Castro's Speech at The Summit Meeting

16. Raul, Che, Fidel

17. Republicans And Democrats — Who are They?

18. Military Vets Launch Anti-Drone TV Ads

19. Fight Injustices, Support Purvi Patel

20. Stop Solitary Confinement of Youth

CONTENTS,   http://activistnewsletter.blogspot.com  

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