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Just got the appeal below, to which I responded: "This tour should be
shunned. It is an operation of the pseudo-anti-imperialist milieu, i.e. the
Stalinists like Workers World who have also supported Assad against the
Syrian grassroots, and who have sucked up also to Putin, every Iranian
regime, Saddam Hussein, etc.
"For the truth on Ukraine - i.e. a grassroots perspective against both the
regime in Kiev and the one in Moscow - see articles at:


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Activists from the New York area are working on a US speaking tour with
some radical trade unionists from Ukraine. Step one is to publicize the
attached statement; step two is the speaking tour. Please circulate far and
wide. I will follow up in the next day or two with  details about where and
when they will be speaking. Solidarity,


*                                                   APPEAL OF THE
INITIATIVE GROUP FOR DEMOCRACY AND                              *

Ukrainian anti-fascists are calling on people around the world to mark May
2 as a day of commemoration of those who were killed in the trade union
building in Odessa.
On May 2, 2014 there was a bloody massacre in Odessawhere, though data
is incomplete,
at least 48 people were killed. Some of them were burned alive in the House
of Trade Unions. The organizers of the massacre were radical Ukrainian
nationalists and fascists who support the regime established in the Kiev
after the coup in February 2014. Their opponents were the participants of
the Antimaydan movement opposed to Ukrainian fascism. They belonged to
different political tendencies, but opposition to Ukrainian fascism united
them. It was they who were the main victims of the massacre on the May 2.
Fleeing from the crowd of aggressive and armed fascists which greatly
outnumbered them, the Antimaydan activists tried to take refuge in the
House of Trade Unions located near their camp. They were largely without
weapons, as they consistently preferred peaceful forms of protest. The
enemy attacked the House of Trade Unions with Molotov cocktails, igniting a
fire that caused many of those inside the building to flee outside. There,
angry Ukrainian fascists beat and killed them. Others who observed this
remained inside until they either burned to death, suffocated or jumped out
of windows to their deaths. Others who remained inside were hunted down and
murdered in cold blood. Local fire service deliberately did not go to the
assistance of the desperate people and when it finally arrived, the
fascists did not let the fire trucks or firefighters approach the burning
The ruling government of Ukraine is doing everything to hide and distort
the truth about this crime. The official list of dead people has not been
published yet. The results of forensic examination of the causes of deaths
are classified and were not disclosed until recently. None of the
perpetrators of the massacre has been arrested; the state prosecutor's
office deliberately ignores numerous videos proving their guilt. Instead,
people who tried to defend the House of Trade Unions have been arrested and
put on trial. Though the investigation found no evidence of their guilt,
the court refuses to set them free. Official propaganda since the day of
tragedy has spread lies like “the House of Trade Unions was not protected
by people from Odessa but by citizens of Transnistria and Russian
saboteurs”, calls these people terrorists and separatists even though the
leaders of the Odessa’s "Antimaydan" never called for the separation of the
Odessa region from Ukraine. But various supporters of this Kiev regime
replicate this lie all over the world.
The Odessa tragedy is just one act in the civil war the Kiev fascists
launched last spring against its own people that. This is not the only
event of its kind. The atrocities of the fascists on May 9, 2014 in
Mariupol, massive bloodshed in the Donbass, sadistic treatment of war
prisoners, deliberate destruction of vital facilities in the Donbass, the
recent excesses of Ukrainian soldiers in Konstantinovka (Kostyantynivka) -
all of them are the links of the same chain. This is a manifestation of the
bloody totalitarian nature of the regime in Kiev, established in the heart
of Europe with the blessing of western political leaders. But the Odessa
massacre became a symbol of these atrocities. In Odessa, the Kiev regime's
political opponents asserted their own rights without weapons, by peaceful
means and they were ruthlessly suppressed with astonishing cruelty and
cynicism. The task of all progressive forces of the world is to demonstrate
their condemnation and rejection of such methods.
The Kiev regime wants to forcibly impose on the entire population of
Ukraine its system of values which totally rejects the Soviet period in the
history of Ukraine. It is based on the traditions of Ukrainian integral
nationalism, which is the local Ukrainian variant of fascist ideology.
These ideas of integral nationalism inspired such figures as Stepan
Bandera. For a significant part of Ukrainian society, such attitudes are
unacceptable. That is why opposition appeared. Despite all the repression,
people have been fighting against the reactionaries and actively looking
for an alternative. But the forces of resistance in Ukraine are split, and
some of them are not guided by consistently democratic principles. Some of
them receive help from Russian nationalists and therefore think that the
alternative to Ukrainian fascism is Russian nationalism. But this is wrong
and a dead end road. Therefore, the solidarity of international left forces
with the liberation struggle against the Kiev regime will help the people
of see they have friends and strengthen the democratic tendencies in the
camp of resistance.
Finally, solidarity of leftist and internationalist forces is important not
only for Ukraine. Now we see the rise of right-wing reactionary movements
around the world. In many European countries, neo-fascists are growing in
popularity, the youth are joining their parties, and they are gaining more
and more votes. Totalitarianism has intensified everywhere and gone on the
offensive. The civil war in Ukraine is just one of many episodes of
offensive of international reaction forces. But this episode is very
revealing. Ukraine is a European country and it in this European country
that for the first time in the 21st century that fascists have entered a
government while fascist paramilitaries have received legal status in the
army and other state authorities. We can resist this attack on our
principles and values together, combining our efforts all round the world.
Therefore, we propose to make May 2 a day of international solidarity in
defense of democracy and internationalism in Ukraine. To this end, we urge
the leftist forces around the world to hold in early May actions of
solidarity with the liberation struggle of the working masses of Ukraine.
This can be a picket, a march, a meeting, a round table and any other
action which would be considered appropriate by activists not indifferent
to the problems of Ukraine. From our side, our initiative group will
contribute to the dissemination of information about these actions in the
Ivan Melekhov
Jeanne Camus
Yefim Mironov
Stanislav Yushchenko

Contact address akalderon at yandex.ru

New York Contact: manny.ness at gmail.com

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