[Marxism] UK Stop Some wars Coalition imposes censorship on solidarity

mkaradjis . mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 19:31:07 MDT 2015

The UK's Stop Some Wars Coalition acts with its customary solidarity
and compassion (for Assad)

'Stop the War Coalition demands silence on Syria'


26-04-2015: 'Yesterday, Saturday 25 April, Syria Solidarity Movement
UK joined with other groups at the Migrant Lives Matter protest to
call for action on the Mediterranean crisis. Because of objections by
Stop the War Coalition, the representative of Syria Solidarity
Movement UK was prevented from saying these words at the

"The Syrian people are suffering terribly.

They’ve had four years of brutal war by the Assad's regime, armed by
Russia, bankrolled by Iran, bombing cities and towns every single day
for the last three years.

To give you an idea of the scale of the assault, since the start of
April there have been 700 air strikes on Idlib province alone, and
Aleppo has now got the dubious honour of being the most bombed city
since World War Two.

There are 12 million Syrians in need of urgent aid, 8 million are
internally displaced, 4.5 million are refugees overseas.

And Britain has only committed to taking 750 refugees per year.

And only 143 have been taken in in the last 18 months.

This is in comparison to 2,500 in Norway, 30,000 in Germany, and
nothing compared to the 1.5 million in Turkey and 1 million in

We're campaigning for an expansion of the vulnerable persons
relocation scheme, to restart the rescue missions and create safe
routes for Refugees from Southern Europe to Northern Europe. The
burden for taking refugees shouldn't fall on Greece and Italy, it
should be spread across the whole of Europe.

There are practical things we can do to help Syrians. Citizens UK is
campaigning for 50 councils to accept 50 refugees each, there is a
draft letter on our website, send it to your council, arrange a
meeting with them and lobby them to take 50 refugees. There are 4
councils signed up so far. We want to get 200 councils, not just 50,
to take refugees, and rescue Syrian refugees from the terrible
conditions they are enduring at the moment.

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