[Marxism] Greek government's popularity takes a hit as talks drag on

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Poll: 7 Out of 10 Greeks Hope for an Agreement
The Greek Reporter
by Ioanna Zikakou - Apr 25, 2015

The vast majority of Greeks vote in favor of remaining in the EU, the
Eurozone and NATO, while they also are in favor of seeking an
agreement with the country’s lenders, according to a new poll.

The Kapa Research survey was conducted for the Greek newspaper To Vima
and it shows that 71.9% of Greeks believe that Greece would benefit
from reaching an agreement with its creditors, while 23.2% are in
favor of a rupture.

Furthermore, 72.9% want the country to stay within the Eurozone, while
a 20.3% prefer to return to the drachma. Another 79.4% of Greeks
prefer for the country to remain in the European Union and 73.7%
prefer to stay in the NATO, against 17.2% and 22% respectively.

However, citizens fear the possible Grexit, with 68.8% believing that
there is real risk of Greece leaving the euro and 24.1% believe that
the country is in the clear. The public opinion, however, is divided
on the matter of a possible bankruptcy, with 36.1% of Greeks
estimating that the country is on the brink of going bankrupt, while
32.7% of Greeks disagree with this opinion.

The survey also revealed that the hopeful attitude towards the new
Greek government is slowly fading (43.3% in April, 62.5% in February),
and it is replaced with concern (52.9% in April and 34% in February)
and anger (32.6% in April, compared to 2.7% in February).

As far as the political parties are concerned, SYRIZA is in the lead
with 36.9% of the votes, while, New Democracy comes second with 21.7%,
followed by To Potami (7.3%), Golden Dawn (5.7%), the Communist Party
(5%), the Independent Greeks (4.6%) and PASOK (3.9%).

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 3:37 PM, Dayne Goodwin <daynegoodwin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greek government's popularity takes a hit as talks drag on
> I Kathimerini (The Daily), conservative Athens daily newspaper with an
> abridged English-language edition
> April 21
> <http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_wsite1_1_21/04/2015_549273>
> The leftist-led Greek government is rapidly losing popularity as
> negotiations with international creditors drag on with little hope of
> a resolution anytime soon, a poll conducted by the University of
> Macedonia and presented on Skai television on Monday night has found.
> The approval rating for the strategy being employed by Prime Minister
> Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has plummeted to
> 45.5 percent from an impressive 72 percent in March, the study
> revealed, with 39.5 percent of the poll's 1,007 respondents saying
> they disagree with the government's negotiating tactics.
> Pollsters also gave respondents the opportunity to grade the
> government's performance in key areas on a scale of 0-10. The
> SYRIZA-led administration scored 4.6/10 on the economy, 3/10 on
> immigration, 3.7/10 on crime-fighting and security, 4.2/10 on
> education, 5.5/10 on foreign policy and defense, 4.5/10 on public
> administration and 4.4/10 on health.
> Asked whether they believe the government is committed to implementing
> its pre-election promises, 52.5 percent responded "yes" and 42 percent
> "no," while on the issue of their household finances, 35.5 percent
> said they expect no significant changes over the next 12 months, 26.5
> percent expect things to get worse and 15 percent are certain they
> will deteriorate further. Just 3 percent said they are confident of an
> improvement in their personal prospects.
> The poll also revealed that the majority of Greeks do not want to see
> the country pushed out of the euro area.
> Asked how they feel about the possibility of a so-called "Grexit," 56
> percent responded "fear," compared with 45.5 percent in March, and 23
> percent said they are indifferent, compared with 26.5 percent
> previously. Only 9 percent said they consider there is no chance of
> this happening, compared with 17 percent in March.
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