[Marxism] The blowback from the invasion of Iraq

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 05:28:24 MDT 2015

*A historical focus for Europe’s greed*

Those familiar with the history of the region will recognise the features
of today’s invasions and occupations in those of the bloody campaigns
pursued by the European powers of the past.

The ruthless crusades of the Middle Ages during which western European
feudal lords plundered the riches of the Middle East, initially claiming to
be defending a small group of Maronite Christians living in what is now
Lebanon, caused havoc. But partly due to their acquisitions and also to the
development of sea routes to the far east and Americas, Europe’s attentions
eventually – but temporarily – switched away from the region.

Of course, because the main overland trading route between Asia and Europe
passed through the region, it always remained a focus for rivalries between
the different western European powers, notably France and England, and
later Germany. This meant that for nearly six centuries following the end
of the Crusades, it was. . .
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