[Marxism] Callinicos: Syriza’s compromise won’t beat austerity

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Thu Apr 30 11:05:30 MDT 2015

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> On 30 Apr 2015, at 12:43 AM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
>> If this was just about Greece, I'd say maybe so but Callinicos positions himself in relationship to the governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Greece as a latter-day Trotsky in Coyoacan. In the 1930s at least the Trotskyists had the excuse that Stalinist hegemony prevented them from growing into mass parties, not that this was the sole problem. But what exactly keeps Antarsya from becoming massive if it has the answers? "Physician, heal thyself", Luke 4:23. 23.
> I’m not defending Alex’s position, only pointing out that it’s perfectly consistent with continuing hostility towards Syriza from the mainstream press - especially given the dangers associated with a “good example” on the shores of Europe. That's essential to understand in order to appreciate the dilemma Tsipras et al face. And Alex isn’t the enemy.

The EU elite's "greek program" is running smoothly despite all those 
fierce left knights of erratic or steady marxists, and this reality is 
deceiving all excitement about SYRIZA. Yet it is admittedly much easier 
for Callinicos or anyone to just tell the wrong way out from the right 
way out of the horrible working class situation, even if one isn't able 
to conceive materially create the later.

Antarsya has not the answer; it is not able to build the way out; 
otherwise, in acute crisis conditions, it would have been a social 
majority. What it has, is the Greater Common Divisor of a range from 
Maoists and ex-communists to eurocommunists and trotskyists, and a GCD 
can never be THE ANSWER. Antarsya, although a big achievement of the 
greek far left, is nothing but an immature political front.

But after all, 0,65% of the vote is insignificant both for the bad and 
the good in the "central political stage": Antarsya is not even present 
in the parliament while Syriza is the major partner in the government. 
If the austerity program is actually running smoothly and, more 
important, if it will continue like this, then in practice at the end of 
the day, Syriza will have just carried out all dirty job Samaras 
couldn't. And pointing to that, does not necessitate to have at any 

The Syriza-AneL government is falling; slowly till now, but is falling.
Whether under Tsipras or under Lenin, what it promises cannot be 
achieved. Ending austerity inside Eurozone is just impossible. The 
activists of SYRIZA are more than deceived. Even the most restrained 
among them are now ready to abandon the holly party's unity rhetoric in 
favor of an upcoming internal fight: "we have lay too much and too long 
on them" said a SYRIZA comrade.

On the other hand EU and IMF are working on SYRIZA. As minister 
Stratoulis said (https://youtu.be/tudIwaNH_Cg ) they are blackmailing : 
"Is that negotiation tactics?" he exclaimed. Of course it isn't; but why 
expect a negotiation anyway? They just pushing around syriza so that in 
every setback the gap that has been opened up by the dogma "the 
government is one thing, the party another" between the leadership and 
the grass root activists is deepening. Without them, SYRIZA can still 
hold its electoral support and become an electoral-machine party like 
the bourgeois parties, and this will probably be the end of the present 
coalition government. The multifold scenarios of a national unity 
government are already spoken out.

Meanwhile, and in absence of any political alternative for the greek 
bourgeoisie, and as long as the chain of setbacks goes on, the ruling 
class has nothing to fear except the next tide of working class 
resistance. Antarsya, and many among Syriza activists are supposedly 
willing, but yet far from prepared, to ride that tide. In fact they all 
appeal to that tide as a remedy to their political embarrassment.
Of course, KKE will denounce it as reactionary while the government, 
whoever it is including the present one, will try to suppress it.


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