[Marxism] On the rise of ISIS

Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 1 09:52:40 MST 2015

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If you read the "anti-imperialist" bilge about the rise of ISIS, you'd think that it was a conspiracy planned out in advance by American, British and Israeli spooks-

By the standards of the genre, it is a very thin conspiracy theory in that it does not even attempt to explain the motivation of the leadership and foot soldiers of ISIS.  Are they all automatons, idiots or in on the conspiracy themselves?  With the military record of ISIS it is hard to believe they are idiots.  It is even harder to believe that the ISIS leaders and their followers are in the pay or at the command of the US or Brits - given the certainty of death in the event of defeat and the high likelihood of it even in victory.  Perhaps the best explanation is that ISIS consists of brain washed automatons in the control of the CIA or the Mossad or, for that matter, the illuminati.SR

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