[Marxism] USA Praises Ortega for Closing Borders

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The meeting of the Central American Integration System (SICA) on Nov. 24 in
San Salvador was unable to reach an agreement on the question of the several
thousand Cuban migrants who want to reach the United States but are now
congregated in Costa Rica because of Nicaragua's refusal to let them pass.
The foreign ministers attending the meeting agreed only to support "the
principle of self-determination" for each country to make its own decision
about whether to allow the migrants, who have traveled with the help of
migrant smugglers from Cuba to Ecuador and then by land through Colombia and
Panama to Costa Rica, to cross their territories. The SICA members resolved
to ask the International Organization for Migration for assistance to
improve the conditions of the migrants in Costa Rica. 

Denis Moncada, Nicaragua's deputy foreign minister, said at the meeting,
"The government of Nicaragua demands that the government of Costa Rica take
measures to remove from our border all those whose presence encourages new
violent acts." On Nov. 15, hundreds of Cuban migrants tried to push their
way across the Nicaraguan border from Costa Rica. Moncada continued: "The
government of Costa Rica has created and manipulated this crisis in a way
that ignores the causes and responsibility of the United States in
encouraging an insecure, undignified, disorderly, and illegal migration that
affects Cuba and is now affecting the Central American region." The
Nicaraguan government statement accused Costa Rica of using the situation to
"legitimize the US policy of wet foot, dry foot that the United States
designed and maintains as part of the blockade against Cuba that has been
denounced and condemned by the entire world" The "wet foot, dry foot" policy
of the US does not allow Cuban migrants picked up at sea to enter the US but
allows those who make it to US soil to acquire legal immigrant status. The
Nicaraguan government said it would "not lend itself to legitimizing illegal
policies that cause damage, suffering, and economic loss to human beings,
entire families, and the government and people of Cuba and the region." 

Nicaraguan international law expert Mauricio Herdocia added that the
Nicaraguan government considers that any solution to the migrant crisis must
"include recognition of the human rights of our fellow Central Americans who
are [also] seeking to get to the United States" and have no special
privileges. Another expert Manuel Madriz Fornos said, "Costa Rica, if it
wanted, could help the Cuban migrants travel by air or by sea to Mexico or
even to the United States. but instead insists that they go by land and that
they pass through Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico." 

However, Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez insisted that, "The
ideal, the most practical, the simplest in terms of cost and logistics is
for the migrants to go by land." He added, "Costa Rica asks that all the
countries involved let the thousands of Cubans stranded at the border
transit through their countries." He said his country proposes a series of
measures for the orderly documented movement of the migrants with protection
against smugglers and illegal traffickers. (El Nuevo Diario, Nov. 24, 25;
Informe Pastran, Nov. 24, 25)

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USA Praises Ortega for Closing Borders to Cuban Emigrants

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