[Marxism] Russia presented 'evidence' of Turkey's oil ties to ISIS — but it has a crucial flaw

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 08:48:02 MST 2015

I think the article is flawed, though it is fascinating.

The underlying assumption, not proven but only assumed, is that ISIS is
smuggling oil to Turkey (and Syria's gov't as well). ISIS does none of
this. They don't smuggle. The drivers as has been shown in numerous other
articles are Turks, Arabs and even Kurds who operate independently. "Owner
operators" so to speak though some seem to be tied to Turkish mafia groups.

These drives enter Syria with the money to purchase the oil. Oil is sold at
the well head, not in some online international market. Everyone, *bar
none*, buys this oil. Assad, Kurdish forces (who have their own set of
small oil refineries to to turn into transport fuel), even local
non-Jihadish forces. Every one. From what I've read now, there is, to put
it politely, no exceptions to this except Kurdish forces in Iraq that don't
need it.

But the money goes to ISIS. Since the Iran-Iraq War Turkey has been an
outlet for these drives to 'smuggle' oil out of the region. Turkey has the
power in a second to shut  this down. These trucks, carrying about 2,000 to
6,000 gallons of oil, have to use roads robust enough to  drive on. If
Turkey wanted to they could stop this and dry up ISIS from their main
steady source of financial support.


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