[Marxism] has Jacobin seen the light?

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 11:30:48 MST 2015

First, as you've probably already heard, its official ISIS terror has come
to LA.

Now to this pleasant surprise from Jacobin.
This is an excellent piece, one of the best I've seen on ISIS.

However, I think there are a couple of connections that need to be made
that this piece missed. He says:

> This observation points to the undeniable fact that ISIS consciously
> choreographs itself as an island of stability and peace amid a region of
> chaos, war, and upheaval. This is important to understanding the pull that
> ISIS presents to some layers of the population. In a moment of deep crisis,
> the promise of some level of security is part of what makes ISIS attractive
> (or, at the very least, a less-worse option).

and later he talks about how the Russians have been targeting non-ISIS
areas, and of course the Assad regime has long been doing the same thing.
But he missed the connection between these policies and Daesh's ability to
provide "islands of stability." Is this because Daesh is so much more
effective at organizing civil  society than Assad's opposition? Or is it
just much more difficult to organize civil society with barrel bombs
raining down on you. I would say that it is really the Assad regime that is
providing these "islands of stability" not Daesh. Let Assad, and now the
Russians treat FSA and Daesh controlled areas the same, and then lets see
were the people go and how many are willing to shelter under ISIS rule. I
think it every important to show how Assad collaboration has contributed to
ISIS success.

2.) he rightfully says:

> Faced with growing left-wing and nationalist political movements in the
> region, the sponsorship of Islamism was seen as an effective and disarming
> counterweight. By the 1980s, this policy was applied most systematically
> through US and Saudi support for Arab Islamist fighters in Afghanistan. It
> was here that preparations for armed jihad received their first practical
> boost.

If our principal "weapon" is ideology, then nobody can "disarm" the Left
but the Left itself, and that is exactly what has happened!

Yes, the imperialists have helped the Islamists position themselves to take
advantage of the people's discontent, but would this even be possible had
not the "Left" largely abandoned the people to them?

Take the case of Syria, for example. A revolutionary situation. A people in
revolt. The 2 local communist parties back the regime. Internationally the
Left, including Jacobin, has either remained silent or backed the regime.

It is far too soon to say why this San Bernardino couple turned to ISIS for
guidance or whether the sight of the So. Cal Left marching with Assad's
flag had anything to do with it, so I won't go there - yet. But it is safe
to say that any young people, Muslim or not, concerned about the tragedy in
Syria, will be disgusted by the Left and look elsewhere.

The Left, including Jacobin, needs to see their own role in the rise of

The utopic promise of ISIS will always beat out the banal "lesser of 2
evils" future being promoted by the opportunist Left.


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