[Marxism] Front National Win in First Round of French Regional Elections: a Left Analysis.

andrew coates pabs47 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 7 08:49:12 MST 2015

There is little doubt that spreading 
anxiety about Islam played a part in the elections. But the FN’s 
breakthrough cannot be simply attributed to fear in the wake of the 
Paris murders and Marine Le Pen’s leadership’s (not to mention their 
activists) attempts to spread hatred against Muslims.

It’s  strategy has been to campaign and stir up hatred against all
 foreigners, beginning with those running the European Union (EU). The 
message, given very clearly in the poster above, is that outsiders are 
out to get the French, take their jobs, their homes and undermine their living standards.
The party demands that France leaves the Euro, and that “priorité nationale” (or La préférence national) be
 given to French nationals in employment. Jobs will be given to those 
with French nationality in preference to anybody else (Les entreprises 
se verront inciter à prioriser l’emploi, à compétences égales, des 
personnes ayant la nationalité française). This also means – in terms 
very close to those proposed by the David Cameron’s government, that 
social benefits, from housing onwards, are taken away from migrant 
workers and immigrants. The FN demands an end to “massive immigration” and 
free movement in Europe. They denounce immigration as “une arme au 
service du grand capital” (a weapon of Big Business), an apparently 
‘anti-capitalist’ position.

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