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p.s. In addition to being part of the Federal Theater Project, Lloyd worked
in the ILGWU's drama program - the one that created and produced "Pins and
I first saw the latter show when around 1980 an older (and sadly
now-departed) SWP member, Jean Tussey, organized a group of us to go to a
revival of it in Cleveland (Jean, a longtime labor militant, had a feel for
culture, science and common sense way beyond that of the typical younger
SWP bureaucrat of that period).
Another reason I mention this episode: Tussey, Lloyd, and many of the
workers involved in the original "Pins and Needles," were Jewish, helping
to create a vibrant labor and arts culture here in the US, rather than
chasing some mythical past in the Middle East at the expense of the
indigenous peoples.
Who needs Zionism when you have role models like Jean Tussey?

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> http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-magnificent-memory-of-norman-lloyd?mbid=nl_151204_Daily&CNDID=34959993&spMailingID=8317684&spUserID=OTc2MTc4ODc2NjgS1&spJobID=820502578&spReportId=ODIwNTAyNTc4S0
> Fascinating look at actor/director/activist who knew them all.

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