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I would encourage comrades to read the entire Lander article.
It makes good points about the genuine grassroots organizing; about the
genuine social advances; about the need to move away from oil dependence;
and about the central state/grassroots dichotomy which hindered further
advances in those and other spheres.
Unfortunately he falls into the same trap as the autonomists: his solution
is for grassroots groups to have more independence from the central state
in order to solve economic problems - instead of advocating that those
groups BECOME the state.
(And, with reference to Louis's valid concerns about one-country
"solutions" - I would argue that such a council-based state would be in a
better position to make ALBA et al. more than just show.)

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> For those unable to access the Real News interviews that I posted earlier
> today, here's a shorter URL: http://tinyurl.com/zuvcrxf.
> For some background to the economic situation in Venezuela that is behind
> the election results, this article by Jorge Martin provides some relevant
> facts, notwithstanding the rather simplistic conclusions ("expropriating
> the
> capitalist class") characteristic of his political current.
> For a sober and informative analysis of the over-arching dilemmas of
> Chavismo's developmental policies, this article by Edgardo Lander, a
> critical Chavista, is very useful: "Venezuela: terminal crisis of the
> rentier petro-state?," http://tinyurl.com/zhk4r69.
> Richard
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