[Marxism] Chinese investment in Africa

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 17:17:06 MST 2015

A few days ago Louis posted an interesting piece about Chinese investment
in Nigeria.

I was sick a couple of days and ended up watching TV a lot during the day.
One of the things I watched was a travel show about Namibia.  A bit
depressing - a couple of decades after 'freedom' massive poverty and
inequality remains the order of the day.  But the show also had a few bits
about Chinese investment there; the Chinese seem to be major outside
investors in Namibia.

They are also now significant investors in the Pacific.  This presents
Australia and NZ with a few interesting contradictions.  On the one hand,
both countries had rigid white immigration policies directed primarily
against the Chinese, were hostile to China in the Cold War yet now have
vital trade links with China.

China, for instance, is now NZ major export market - it even overtook
Australia a year or two back in that regard.  China is a more important
trade partner than the United States for both Australia and New Zealand.
And with a substantial wealthy class and a huge middle class (in straight
numerical terms) China is likely to remain a key export destination for
what bourgeois economists call value-added export goods from Australia and

Yet, historically, we have really close ties with the United States, going
back over 100 years, but becoming even more strong during WW2 and the Cold
War.  The NZ ruling class tends to be a bit less ra-ra for the US than
Australia, but the ruling classes on both sides of the Tasman are in a bit
of a bind.  On the one hand, historically allied with the US in
Asia-Pacific, now more profitable links with China while at the same time
wary of Chinese investment and influence in Pacific island countries.

You'd almost feel sorry for the Chinese.  They were hated by the US ruling
class when they were 'communist' and they're hated, possibly even more, now
they're very successful capitalists.

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