[Marxism] Was keeping Japan in the post WW2 capitalist sphere a factor in US support to counter revolution in Vietnam?

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 08:19:49 MST 2015

The mindset that led to the Vietnam war was more about preserving
non-communist trading partners for Japan after World War II than any
concern that communism would arrive, a la the domino theory, on America's
shores. It turns out that Japan's post-war economy was anemic, and all
efforts to boost it were failing. There was a nascent communist movement
within Japan, and the largest and most natural trading partners for Japan
were China and the Soviet Union. Therefore, U.S. policymakers believed they
had to preserve non-communist trading partners for Japan or it would
inevitably fall under the sway of Communist China and thus all of Asia
would be communist. The best and perhaps only logical candidate for this
non-communist trading bloc was Indochina, which thus became of paramount
strategic importance to the U.S.


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