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NY Times, Dec. 9 2015
Venezuela’s Defeated Ruling Party Riven by Conflict and Scorn

CARACAS, Venezuela — There they were, two of the gray-haired confidants 
of Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s late leftist leader, voicing their 
indignation at the government bumbling that led to Sunday’s stinging 
electoral defeat of his United Socialist Party.

“We are facing a disaster,” said Héctor Navarro, a former cabinet 
minister. “This is not the time to act like an ostrich.”

But in the middle of the news conference on Wednesday, with dozens of 
journalists jammed into a dingy meeting room in a downtown hotel, a 
shrill siren wailed and in burst a band of agitators, some in the red 
shirts of Mr. Chávez’s die-hard supporters.

“You are traitors to the revolution!” shouted one man.

“Rats! You are sewer rats!” shrilled another.

And they began to chant the name of President Nicolás Maduro.

Handed its biggest setback at the ballot box in 17 years — with the 
opposition winning control of the National Assembly for the first time, 
and by a wide margin — Chavismo, the movement founded by Mr. Chávez, has 
turned inward to attack its own.

“This type of defeat creates a lot of internal tensions,” said Margarita 
López Maya, a historian. “Chavismo does not have much capacity to 
process this type of conflict. It’s not used to that. It doesn’t have a 
real democratic character or disposition for debate or tolerating 

In his last televised speech to the nation in December 2012, Mr. Chávez 
called on his followers to preserve the movement’s unity above all else.

Yet since his death the following March, after a long battle with 
cancer, the top levels of government have increasingly been split among 
rival factions — a splintering that the election debacle seems likely to 

“Chávez was in charge,” said Jorge Giordani, the late president’s 
longtime planning minister and economic guru, who spoke at the news 
conference with Mr. Navarro. “Now everyone is in charge. Because there 
is a crisis of power.”



Hector Navarro: I’m Encouraging a Rebellion at the Bases of the PSUV

Q: Is the revolution still possible?

A: The revolution is feasible, but it requires sacrifices. We should not 
seek only the material satisfactions of the human race, because those 
are infinite. What’s important is subjectivity, the conciseness to 
improve upon ourselves. That is what Chavez worked on, that is why he 
would harp on certain ideas.

There is a legal project against corruption which we drafted when I was 
president of the Public Spending Commission. It was approved at first 
mention and then put on the shelf. It has a very important chapter about 
conflict of interests. It refers to three elements, and we even include 
recommendations from the United Nations on the subject. In the first 
place, if you are the director, minister or president, upon leaving your 
post you cannot appear as an investor or employee of a company that you 
would hire while in government. There’s also the question of presumptive 
taxation and the third, which I think is vital in this moment, is that 
of nepotism. It is difficult to find a case of corruption that doesn’t 
have the element of nepotism; there is always a son, a nephew, a 
brother, a wife, a parent or brother-in-law. There is no possible 
socialism as long as there is nepotism, because there can only be 

full: http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/11209

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