[Marxism] Fwd: Spike Lee Did the Wrong Thing

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Thanks for sharing, Louis.

The critic mentions Liberia, but does not discuss it further.  If the
Lysistrata approach worked there, what's wrong with a filmmaker proposing
it here?

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> Chi-Raq contributes to a long-held tradition of citing Black women’s
> bodies as both the source and the solution to social problems. In the film,
> he has  the movement completely rely upon the premise of hot young scantily
> clad women refusing to have sex with their gangsta men. The inference is
> that Black women have so much power and we can fix society if only we would
> use our sexual power. In other words, all the responsibility is on us—and
> our genitalia.
> http://therealnews.com/t2/component/content/article/481-stacey-patton/2581-spike-lee-did-the-wrong-thing
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