[Marxism] Fwd: States of Shock | Issue 24 | n+1

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 15 21:33:58 MST 2015

The link below is to an excerpt from an article by Tony Wood in the 
latest N+1 as part of a Ukraine supplement that breaks with the Putinite 
consensus. Wood tries to untangle all the conflicting elements of 
Euromaidan using a class analysis.

N+1 is a magazine that I have subscribed to for a couple of years along 
with Jacobin and Salvage. The 3 would generally be regarded as the voice 
of the new emerging Marxist intelligentsia but what distinguishes 
Salvage and N+1 from Jacobin is its willingness to challenge the 
shibboleths of the crypto-Stalinists who have grown so shameless that 
they probably would make Gus Hall blanch if he was still alive.

Does the name Tony Wood ring a bell? It should. Wood was the author of a 
landmark article in the Nov-Dec 2004 NLR titled "The Case for Chechnya" 
that took up the cause of an oppressed people who were Russia's trial 
run for Syria. It was around that time that I began rethinking a lot of 
the assumptions I had made on account of the war in Yugoslavia. When 
people, including many Marxism list subscribers, began to say the same 
kind of crap you hear routinely from Mike Whitney or Pepe Escobar today, 
I said "whoa, what's going on here." Wood is first rate. Kudos to N+1 
for lining him up for the supplement. Maybe this example will begin to 
sink in through the thick skulls of the Jacobin editorial board.


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