[Marxism] Fwd: Navy SEALs, a Beating Death and Claims of a Cover-Up - The New York Times

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 17 08:11:03 MST 2015

Even before the beatings, some of the SEALs had exhibited troubling 
behavior. According to the soldiers and Afghan villagers, they had 
amused themselves by tossing grenades over the walls of their base, 
firing high-caliber weapons at passing vehicles and even aiming 
slingshots at children, striking them in the face with hard candy.

Serious discipline issues emerged, according to the soldiers. Apparently 
bored by the routine of life on the small outpost, several of the SEALs 
began using their weapons for sport. One shot his pistol wildly at a 
kitten under the ammunition shed, the soldiers said; anyone at the small 
base, then full of people, could have been hit by a ricochet. Another 
pulled a handgun on a soldier in the base gym, apparently as a joke.

Afghans described in interviews how the new group of Americans would 
shoot at the ground around farmers in wheat fields and almond groves 
near the base, or on the road to the market. A few times, they shot at 
trucks moving along a ridgeline. “They weren’t trying to kill anyone,” 
Mr. Gizabe, the Kalach elder, said. “They were toying with them, I think.”

The tenor of the meetings between the Americans and the elders changed, 
too, villagers said. The SEALs often shouted at the Afghans; when they 
disagreed, several elders recounted in interviews, the SEALs sometimes 
grabbed them by their shirts, lifted them off the ground and cocked 
their arms back as if preparing to hit them. “Each and every time we 
went to their base, we feared we would not come back out,” Mullah 
Muhammadzai said.


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