[Marxism] A test of Israel Russia rapprochement

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 20 21:46:42 MST 2015

A number of articles have suggested a high level of co-operation between israel and Russia in Syria.  A sharp response on the part of Russia to this killing would argue against this.
					ken h

Lebanese militant leader Samir Qantar killed in Damascus attack


Israeli warplanes have struck targets inside Syria several times during the country’s nearly five-year conflict, although it has rarely confirmed its involvement. Qantar’s killing would mark the first Israeli assassination of a senior figure inside Syria since Russia launched its military operations on 30 September in support of Assad.

Israel’s defence minister has said Russia and Israel have worked out an open communication system “to prevent misunderstandings”. That raises the question of whether the Russians would have been informed by Israel about any operation to kill Qantar. The Russian defence ministry declined to comment on the airstrike.

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