[Marxism] readings on Spain

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 10:40:55 MST 2015

(sorry for the blank previous email, I hit send accidentally)
In their election wrap-up, the Grant/Woodsies quote Iglesias thus:
"Today we have once again heard the voice of the working class, which
conquered its rights through strikes… the voice of the republic, of Largo
Caballero, of Companys, of Durruti, of Andreu Nin, of Salvador Allende…
Let’s take democracy to the economy... History is ours, and people make
history.” (
http://www.marxist.com/the-spanish-elections-a-blow-to-the-regime.htm )
IMO this, like the rest of his left-leaning comments during the campaign,
is pure demagogy (see in contrast his recent interview here:
). And it's only a matter of time before he turns back to the right.
But since he mentioned them, I would encourage comrades to read - and
recommend to younger comrades - documents at marxists.org mentioning all
those figures, in particular by using the search function and narrowing the
field to Trotsky and Morrow.
(And while waiting for Iglesias's turn - and to help forestall it to the
extent possible - we should begin discussing solidarity with particular
struggles which should flow from the renewed faith the election results
will give workers and oppressed nationalities in their own power.

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