[Marxism] Debt & Greece - Why Capitulate? Another Way Is Possible

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 21 21:48:34 MST 2015

Louis Proyect quotes Edward Rooksby

But the ‘revolutionary’ resolution of the dilemma has always seemed to 
me not to be a resolution either. Indeed it’s the mirror image of the 
‘reformist’ side-stepping of the terms of the problem. Crudely, it 
pivots on a kind of in-a-flash-everything-is-transformed 
semi-millenarianism. Few ‘revolutionaries’, of course, argue that we can 
move straight to socialism (first comes the transitional period of ‘the 
dictatorship of the proletariat’ after the ‘seizure of political power’) 
– but the point is that the idea of ‘the revolutionary seizure of power’ 
serves as a kind of magic-bullet solution to all problems and as such it 
is not really a solution at all but a rhetorical dodge.

Ken Hiebert replies:
I think the Rooksby characterization of revolutionary politics is a caricature.  In any case, it has no bearing on the proposals put forward by Toussaint. http://www.europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article36730
Those who are interested can read Toussaint's piece and see if there is anything in it that suggests in a flash everything is transformed.  Does anything in Toussaint's piece strike you as semi-millenarian?
In particular check out the paragraph  A different policy was desirable and was possible

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