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Mon Dec 21 22:42:09 MST 2015

>From a Facebook friend -

Bookchin was a believer in the concept of "post scarcity anarchism." He
could have been forgiven for this up until the 1970's as a result of the
almost 30 year post World War 2 boom. He claimed that economic austerity
was no longer an issue. All the left had to worry about was the environment
and "liberty."

Bookchin, inexcusably continued to hold this position after the recession
of the early 1980's, at that time the worst economic downturn since the
depression of the 1930's. Bookchin, nor his US followers, were, and are no
friends of the poor, and the unemployed.

The Syrian Kurds would do well to look for inspiration from another source.
Bookchin spoke at the 1976 Libertarian convention. The Libertarians
supported and continue to support a laissez faire brand of capitalism.
Bookchin remarked, at that convention: 'If I were a voting man, I'd vote
for MacBride". Roger MacBride was the Libertarian Party nominee, for the
1976 US Presidential election.


I have previously written about the way Bookchin felt about Bernie Sanders,
this is a development that I wish had come across my radar earlier. I
apologize in advance to those who will say that they have been saying it
all along, I have been under the weather for a while.


Best regards,
Andrew Stewart

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