[Marxism] Debt & Greece - Why Capitulate? Another Way Is Possible

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re Rooksby's pessimistic denial that we know what we're fighting for:
1. Nurses are fighting for specific, mandated nurse/patient ratios, and it
doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math on how much funds and from
where would be needed to meet those ratios. The same for teacher/student
ratios, although teachers' unions have not yet, as far as I know, proposed
specific ratios.
2. New Labor Forum's new issue has an article on the UK labor movement's
proposals for one million new climate jobs, including where the funds would
come from.
and the technical file:
IMO the above are all transitional demands, and fighting to meet the goals
in the above necessarily involves challenging capital's prerogatives and at
a certain stage capital's existence.
The same could be said for similar struggles and goals for jobs in all
"care" sectors, in culture, etc.

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> Louis Proyect quotes Edward Rooksby
> But the ‘revolutionary’ resolution of the dilemma has always seemed to
> me not to be a resolution either. Indeed it’s the mirror image of the
> ‘reformist’ side-stepping of the terms of the problem. Crudely, it
> pivots on a kind of in-a-flash-everything-is-transformed
> semi-millenarianism. Few ‘revolutionaries’, of course, argue that we can
> move straight to socialism (first comes the transitional period of ‘the
> dictatorship of the proletariat’ after the ‘seizure of political power’)
> – but the point is that the idea of ‘the revolutionary seizure of power’
> serves as a kind of magic-bullet solution to all problems and as such it
> is not really a solution at all but a rhetorical dodge.
> Ken Hiebert replies:
> I think the Rooksby characterization of revolutionary politics is a
> caricature.  In any case, it has no bearing on the proposals put forward by
> Toussaint. http://www.europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article36730
> Those who are interested can read Toussaint's piece and see if there is
> anything in it that suggests in a flash everything is transformed.  Does
> anything in Toussaint's piece strike you as semi-millenarian?
> In particular check out the paragraph  A different policy was desirable
> and was possible
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