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I think it is important to point out here, Lou that the Boston closure is
at a time when the interest in socialism is seemingly at an all time high.
They wheel out Bernie Sanders and him with one foot in the proverbial, and
he attracts thousands of young people.  Ditto for Corbyn in the UK.

It is the vanguard "thang" that no one wants a part of any more.



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> On May 15, 2015 I reported on my time in the Houston branch of the SWP
> that had just been closed down by the leadership in NY. If you could map
> the decline of the SWP in an Excel spreadsheet bar chart since the time I
> left 36 years ago, it would look like a Michael Roberts falling rate of
> profit graphic. If some vulgar Marxists predict the growth of the radical
> movement as an inverse function of the FROP, this is about as good an
> argument against vulgarity I can think of.
> A comrade who tracks the implosion of the SWP a lot closer than me
> reported the latest branch going under on the Yahoo group I set up just to
> allow former members to wisecrack and gossip about the cult. This time it
> was Boston. He gleaned its departure from its absence in the Militant
> newspaper’s directory of local distributors, which is a guide to where
> party branches exist. It is too soon to say whether there will be a report
> on its closing in the Militant as there was for the Houston branch but you
> can be sure that for old-timers in the party, a qualitatively bigger hole
> has been left in political terms. The Houston branch existed for 45 years
> while the Boston branch dates back to the 1920s before there was an SWP.
> That’s nearly a century.
> full:
> http://louisproyect.org/2015/12/22/the-boston-branch-of-the-socialist-workers-party-shuts-down/
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