[Marxism] Israeli Veterans’ Criticism of West Bank Occupation Incites Furor

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 09:31:23 MST 2015

Agreed with Amith. At the very same time mainstream media in both the US
and Israel are "shocked, I tell you, shocked!" about the video showing
young fascist occupiers at a wedding dancing with weapons, chanting for
Palestinian death, and stabbing photos of the murdered Palestinian baby. Of
course all these shocked liberals (and even "right-wingers") are the main
buttress of the Zionist murder machine, of which the young fascists are
just pus oozing from a gaping wound.
(If you detect parallels with the Trump/Obama scenario you're on the money.)

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> On 12/24/15 11:08 AM, A.R. G wrote:
>> The entire article wastes space on the opinions of various Israelis,
>> turning the discussion about atrocities against Palestinians into an
>> internal discussion among Israel's increasingly right-wing society, in
>> which any attempt to hold the Israeli army to account for its atrocities
>> is seen as a threat.
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