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Thanks much for the repost, Louis. Still accurate, still relevant.
By coincidence there's this new article on "anti-capitalist" autonomy in
Kurdish areas of Turkey, claims of which should be analyzed as with those
for Rojava:
(and while we're analyzing, of course, we have to respond to recent
solidarity appeals against Erdogan's murderous attacks on those areas).
p.s. re: Louis's correct reminder that the form of socialist society will
come out of real class struggles, that's why in a previous post I stressed
current struggles over nurse staffing, anti-climate-change jobs, etc.
Another example: in the last few days the Times has run articles on the
failure of most schools in NYC to do the work needed to enable access for
kids with disabilities. Fighting to win such conversion obviously implies
fighting for the jobs involved; it equally obviously implies linking up
with teacher staffing issues; and at least on a propaganda level (for now)
links up with the question of worker/community control of schools (i.e.
their socialization).

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> Bookchin's "libertarian municipalism" is offered as an alternative to the
> Marxist vision of a transformation of society led by the working-class.
> "Social ecology would embody its ethics in a politics of confederal
> municipalism, in which municipalities cojointly gain rights to
> self-governance through networks of confederal councils, to which towns and
> cities would send their mandated, recallable by delegates to adjust
> differences."
> Okay, let's see if we can get this right. Capitalism will be replaced by a
> more humane system through the incremental replacement of capitalist chunks
> of real estate by new egalitarian units. Today we have liberated Putney,
> Vermont and Madison, Wisconsin. Next week we have a shot at taking over
> Dallas, Texas. When all the towns and cities have been become liberated
> zones, we then celebrate our victory by eating dishes of Ben and Jerry's
> ice cream.
> full: http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/economics/neo_utopian.htm
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