[Marxism] a particularly slimy critique of Achcar

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 26 08:45:06 MST 2015

On 12/26/15 10:10 AM, Dennis Brasky via Marxism wrote:
> Steven Gowans' spin of the "secular nationalist/anti-imperialist" Assad
> regimehttp://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article43811.htm

Amusing to see Gowans hammering Jacobin that has published more 
pro-Assad material than CounterPunch percentage-wise. Gowans, btw, is 
one of the few "leftists" who had the chutzpah to describe Syria as 
"socialist" in early 2011, a characterization that was embraced by the 
Party of Socialism and Liberation. His latest piece carries on in this 
moronic tradition:

->The U.S. Library of Congress country study of Syria refers to “the 
socialist structure of the government and economy,” points out that “the 
government continues to control strategic industries,” mentions that 
“many citizens have access to subsidized public housing and many basic 
commodities are heavily subsidized,” and that “senior regime members” 
have “hampered” the liberalization of the economy. [42] This sounds far 
from neo-liberalism.<-

Not exactly what Marxists call "socialist" but Gowans marches to the 
tune of his own drummer, one supposes.

Despite the notion that Syria is "socialist", Gowan accepts Achcar's 
description of it as “a purely opportunistic mafia-like regime pursuing 
its own interest.” Why would he? Only because Obama presides over the 
same kind of state. What's good for the goose is good for the gander 

Whatever. I considered Obama to be a tool of Wall Street back in 2007 
and Assad as someone willing to bend over backwards to accommodate 
himself to imperialism. That is why he collaborated with the CIA in its 
extraordinary rendition program, after all.

This Information Clearing House is the perfect venue for a horse's ass 
like Gowans considering the comment it has elicited:

beejo · 17 hours ago
GilberAchkar and similar jewish zionists can bark all they want Re Mr 
Russia and Syria are now firmly in charge and in spite of some Theatre 
of the Absurd tactics by Rabbi Kerry no one but the ELECTED Syrian 
entity will decide the fate of this historic land-
Rabbis Ackar and Kerry are left with the famous Waiting for Godot line

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