[Marxism] Argentine devaluation causes misery

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 28 10:11:04 MST 2015

On 12/28/15 11:54 AM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
> Workers in Argentina are already beginning to organize and mobilize
> against Macri's measures.
> But - and this is not a smart-ass or leading question - given everything
> Louis wrote in his northstar piece, aren't they wrong to fight back?
> Same with the overwhelming majority who voted "Oxi" in Greece, shouldn't
> they have abstained or voted yes?
> If a revolution is not only impossible but would be catastrophic
> throughout the entire colonial world, won't such fightbacks just hurt
> the relevant country's competitiveness?

Just a reminder. Comrades should clip extraneous text.

In terms of fighting back against Macri or any other neoliberal head of 
state, including Tsipras, this is not the issue. Instead it is how to 
change a country so that it is immune to market relations globally. 
Comrades need to read or reread all of the discussions that went on in 
the Soviet Union in the early 20s about NEP, etc. Building a socialist 
economy involves huge contradictions that are not easily resolved 
through bravado. In Nicaragua, for example, land reform was a 
double-edged sword. It led to improvements in the campesino's life and 
goods targeting the internal market but a decrease in agriexports 
desperately needed for foreign exchange. Countries such as Venezuela and 
Argentina are in a real bind because of the sharp decline in commodity 
exports to China. Politics within such countries will be played out 
against such constraints with no easy solutions. The choice right now is 
between neo-Peronism and neo-Liberalism. We have Argentine Trotskyists 
on Marxmail now and going back since its inception in 1998. No matter 
how desperate things become and no matter how adroit they are 
tactically, they still remain a fringe tendency. What is needed now more 
than ever is a continent-wide movement that could conceivably create a 
rational economy that will be capable of resisting market relations. 
That means thinking in terms of what the Cubans were trying to do with 
OLAS in the 1960s. It is too bad that Cuba lost its revolutionary fervor 
some years back even though it is understandable given the enormous 
pressure it is under.

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