[Marxism] Argentine devaluation causes misery

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 28 11:02:42 MST 2015

" aren't they wrong to fight back?"
????! Of course not. Don't know how Louis would respond precisely, but it should be likely that. The need for the "left" to build unity across borders (and, of course, for the toiling masses) does not obviate the need for the masses of any country to fight their national representatives of the imperialist bourgeoisie at any level for any reason. Indeed, a united revolutionary left, for it to have any chance to develop must be based on mass struggles wherever they may be for whatever reasons and in any manner dictated by circumstances. I recently read a post from a friend involved in Black Lives Matter, outraged at yet one more police murder of a black youth, who observed "white people, what are you gonna do when 45 million black people wake up?". 

Capitalism's contradictions continue to concentrate the wealth into fewer hands and cause ever greater misery and desperation. Just because "we" haven't developed the courage to overcome our myopia doesn't mean the masses can't and won't rise up. That we are not ready to help mount a true resistance is in itself a travesty. We do what we can precisely because every time the masses rise up, every time they cry for relief, they are screaming at us to unite. 

The masses aren't asking us to "lead" them. They are saying we are you and you should be with us. That we see ourselves as so separate because of our "enlightened" knowledge of what is happening--and by that separation, I mean our actions that maintain disunity--remains not just a tragedy but ultimately a betrayal. 

The single greatest affliction of the sectarian "non-sectarian" left like Antarsya, ISO, SAlt, et al, is their hubris in thinking that because they can "recruit" a revolutionary party by sloughing off the "best builders" of mass movements remains their calling. That because emerging revolutionary fighters can be attracted to a well-spoken platform (as Louis continually observes, such a platform is really easy to create) equals the building of a revolutionary leadership when all that it means is that they are recruiting great mass fighters into isolating themselves from the mass struggle. 

If there is any lesson that was learned by those of us who joined such a sectarian grouplet in the past it is that joining up with an anti-democratic organization just because we are of like minds is as much of a graveyard as the seeming alternative to join up with bourgeois reformism. That there is potential for revolutionary organizing as the mass struggle builds does not mean we should set up shop and engage in building "market share" for revolutionaries. Such a ferment means that we need to seek broader unity and commonality of struggle regardless of our current disagreements or agreements. 

Moreso, the older we are, the more we need to let those younger than us lead the way and build up revolutionary action in the way that it makes sense for those youth to struggle. Our "job" is to support, observe, opine, clarify, and, when the time is right, join in: if we are still able at that time.

I believe it was Trotsky who observed that there were probably greater thinkers, better fighters, who "should" have led the Russian struggle for power. The point is (or was) that it was those who showed up, with all their impurities, ignorance, and inadequacies, that made the difference. I would only add that winning a struggle for power is only the beginning of the struggle for liberation and emancipation from the oppression we all suffer. If "we" older veterans are still around when that stage occurs, we will have much (more) to contribute. 		 	   		  

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